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Red Robin
Red Robin Legacy
Teen Wonder
The Boy Wonder (Formerly)
Bird Brain
Vital Statistics
Real Name Timothy Jackson Drake
Alignment Good
Current age 19
Gender Male
Family Jack Drake(Father, Deceased)

Janet Drake (Mother, Deceased) Dana Drake (Step-Mother, Missing) Bruce Wayne (Adoptive Father, Deceased) Richard Grayson (Adoptive Brother)Jason Todd (Adoptive Brother) Damian Wayne (Adoptive Brother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Alias Red Robin
Unusual Features Multiple Scars and Wounds
Affiliation The Resistance
Weapons Bo Staff
Multiple Gadgets
Species Human
Home Gotham City
Debut Batman #436 (August, 1989)
Class Technican
Voice Actor }</p>

"This ends now"

Red Robin is a playable character in Injustice: Legacy . He is classified as a Technician, and his home city of Gotham is included in multiple maps.


Timothy Jackson Drake was born and raised in Gotham City and from a young age admired the acrobat Dick Grayson. At the age age of 6 he saw Robin performing a quadruple somersault, a move only a Flying Grayson could perform. And ever since the death of Jason Todd he has put all his efforts into discovering The Batmans identity and becoming the third Robin. He got his wish when he was 13, but at a cost. Form the death of Donna Troy the end of Young Justice to the death of his father.

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