Red Hood is a playable character in the game Injustice: Broken Alliance. He is a gadget user and is voiced by Jensen Ackles.

Events in Broken AllianceEdit



Special Moves

Bang! - Todd fires his pistol

Grapple Reel - Todd throws his grapple hook around his opponent and reels them in

Mine Toss - Todd throws a group of three, small mines that explodes on any empact

Knife Catch - Todd chucks his knife at his opponent and it comes back like a boomarang

Shuriken Todd hurls 3 shurikens at his opponent

Super MoveEdit


Intro: Red Hood is seen riding his motorcycle until he stops, gets off, pulls out his knife and says 'Let's get this over quick. It don't have time for this'.

Outro: Hood takes off his helmet and tosses it at his downed opponent. He says 'Here's a trophy for your in vain efforts.' He walks away and gets on his cycle and while riding away, he pulls out a remote and presses it, detonating the bomb in his helmet to blow the opponent sky high.


  • The End: Red Hood has his jacket and helmet taken off wearing his old Robin Mask, making him look like the way he did in the end of Under the Red Hood.

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