Red Arrow's default costume

Red Arrow is a playable character in Injustice: Disorder. He is a Gadget User and is voiced by Crispin Freeman.

Events Of Injustice: DisorderEdit


Super MoveEdit

Red Arrow runs while shooting arrows at the opponent then hits them into the air he then does a backflip and shots several explosives before firing an arrow with a boxing glove attached to it at the opponent. He then smacks them 3 times with arrow before placing one last explosive and walks away as they explode.

Character TraitEdit

Red will fire either a boxing glove arrow, an explosive arrow, an electric arrow or a smoke arrow.

Character EndingEdit

"After conquering Darkside Red Arrow spent months in an endless search to find the Original Roy Harper. His search led him to ancient temples in Tibet where Roy was being kept. Upon finding him Red Arrow walked away from the life of a hero, in order to be a father."

Alternate CostumesEdit

  • Speedy: Red's original costume. Red wears a yellow sixteenth century hat with red feather, yellow boots and glooves, a red suit and domino mask. Unlocked by completing classic mode with him.
  • Arsenal: Red's Arsenal Attire. He wears a purple suit with a black glove, a mechanical hand, blue belt and black boots. Unlocked by Completing his portion of Story Mode.
  • Prime Earth: Red's Prime Earth attire. He wears a grey cap, a red domino mask and a red suit with same coloured glove and boots. Unlocked via Prime Earth DLC Pack


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