Raven is a fictional comic book superheroine who appears in comics published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in a special insert in DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980), and was created by writer Marv Wolfmanand artist George Pérez. Raven is an empath who can teleport and control her "soul-self," which can fight physically, as well as act as Raven's eyes and ears away from her physical body.
Raven by kaetlinisme-d584dkh

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Biography Edit


n in Azarath, e La figlia di un Essere Umano Arella Roth e il demone Trigon. Principessa Mondiale Azarath, ha trascorso gran parte della SUA vita in fuga l'influenza di Suo padre Che voleva usarlo per prendere in consegna l'Intero universo. Raven, se premuto, corre via per sempre Dalla SUA vita, rifugiandosi Sulla Terra. Una volta trovata la Justice League, ha chiesto di unirsi a Loro, ma Essi rifiutano vengono Zatanna percepisce in lei Una Potente forza oscura.Incontrerà poi Garfield Logan, Kid Flash, Donna Troy, Robin, Victor Pietra e intenti alieno un distruggere la città, Che Con Formera Una Squadra, Che diventerà Anche un gruppo di amici.

Together with them, therefore, he is able to defeat Trigon imprisoning him in an inter-dimensional prison, but the demonic influence of Raven disappears, so, during some missions with the Titans, this comes to take over. Meanwhile Trigon unable to get out of his prison and returns to Earth, where he takes possession of the body of Raven, and undertaking the last battle with the Titans, who, weary and tired are forced to kill her. In this way they allow the spirits of Azarath to use his soul to open a channel with Trigon to permanently delete it. Raven, however, rises from its own ashes, but this time with a white coat, finally free from the negative influence of his father.

Bad Raven Edit

Raven appeared possessed by her evil conscience and attempted to implant Trigon's seed into new bodies. She interrupted Nightwing and Starfire's wedding, and implanted a seed of Trigon into Starfire. Instead of corrupting her, she actually implanted the soul of the good Raven. This caused Starfire to leave Earth in order to escape from the evil Raven. The Titans were able to defeat her only because of the help they received from Phantasm.[9]

Raven later returned, still evil, in order to destroy the good version of herself implanted in Starfire. With the help of the Titans, Evil Raven was reduced to ashes, and the good part of Raven was given a new, golden spirit body, which was completely free of her father's demonic influence. In New Tamaran, Starfire and the golden spirit form of Raven revealed that implanting Raven's soul in Starfire was actually her plan to get rid of her demonic soul.

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