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Ras Al Ghul
Ras Al Ghul The First Insurgent 2
Ras Al Ghul
Father of Talia Al Ghul
Grandfather of Damian Wayne
Vital Statistics
Real Name Ras Al Ghul
Alignment Bad
Current age 600+
Gender Male
Family Talia Al Ghul (daughter)

Damian Wayne (grandson)

Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color White
Alias Ras Al Ghul
Unusual Features None
Affiliation League of Assassins
Weapons Sword
Species Human
Home Gotham City
Debut Batman #232 (June 1971)
Class Warrior
Voice Actor Dee Baker

"You are mortal... and that is why I will defeat you."

Ras Al Ghul is a playable character in Injustice: The First Insurgent. He is classified as a gadget user.


Ras Al Ghul is one of Batman's greatest enemies. He is the leader of a vast organization dedicated to purifying the human race and returning the Earth to a more pristine state. He is a master of martial arts and an expert swordsman. It is said that Ras Al Ghul claims to be over 600 years old. The secret of his immortality is the alchemical Lazarus Pit that he has constructed where natural forces have created "places of power".


  • Master of Martial Arts
  • Expert Swordsman
  • Immortality


INTRO: Several men and women of the League of Assassins are shown standing together with their swords pointing upwards. They soon move across from each other as Ras Al Ghul makes it through the crowd and walks into the battle arena. He pulls out his sword and gets into battle stance.

OUTRO: Ras Al Ghul walks over to the opponent and says, "Not even the power of the Lazarus can save you now!" He walks away as the scene transitions to him walking into the Lazarus Pit, sinking in.


Character TraitEdit

Ras Al Ghul can transition from holding a sword to empty handed.

Super MoveEdit

Ras Al Ghul slashes the opponent twice with his sword, then stabs the opponent in the chest. He takes his sword out, then drops it to the ground. He kicks the opponent into an assassin as he holds a sword up to the opponent's neck. The assassin releases and drops the opponent on the ground.





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