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Raging Raven
Vital Statistics
Real Name Unknown
Alignment Neutral
Current age Unknown (probably mid 20s to early 30s)
Gender Female
Family -
Status Seemingly retired (deceased if the player decides to lethally defeat her)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Alias -
Unusual Features -
Affiliation The Beauty and the Beast Corps
Species Human
Home -
Debut "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots"
Class Power Users
Voice Actor Fred Tastasciore

Raging Raven is a character in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. She is a power user and is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


After being incaged by sadistic soldiers and was beaten to near death with other children every day, a young woman escaped from her cage and murdered the soldiers along with the other civilains they captured, cawing and screaming in pure rage like the ravens that pecked at her beaten body every day.

She was then put into the Beauty and The Beast unit, given a tight metal suit that had two wing shaped jet packs and was equipped with a grenade launcher. She used these weapons and her searing rage to fight against the opposing milita and their main target, Solid Snake.


  • Slider Strike: Raven orders an unmanned Slider to fly into the opponent
  • Aerial Attack: Raven flies up in the air and drops bombs from her wings
  • Firey Fury: Raven flies above her opponent and shoots a stream of fuel from her jetpack, setting them on fire
  • Talon Takedown: Raven uses her metallic tatons to grab her opponent, stab them, pick them up, fly up offscreen, and drop them, slamming them into the ground.
  • Landing launcher: Raven pulls out her grenade launcher and shoots a grenade at her opponent, as it explodes on empact.


Raven shoots a grenade at her opponent's feet, sending them flying towards the sky. She flies up and catches them, brutally gouging their stomach with her talon. She throws them up where several Sliders attacks them, they fall back down past Raven and slam into the ground. Finally, she lands on them, jumps off, and drops her wing bombs on them.


  • Shadow Moses: Helipad: Raven sends several Sliders to pick up the helicopter. She helps, slamming the helicopter into the opponent, as one Slider shoots a missle at their feet, launching them up into the helicopter as well. Finally, she shoots several grenades into the opponent filled helicopter, leaving a steaming, firey mess in the middle of the snowstorm.
  • Shadow Moses: Hanger: Raven does a "Firey Fury" on her opponent, doubling it to make them fly into the elevator. She sends many Sliders into the elevator and closes the door, as all you can hear is the screams of the opponent. Finally, she shoots the elevator supports off, sending the wounded opponent plummeting to their death.
  • Shadow Moses: Metal Gear:

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