The Raven
Raven Darkholme
Vital Statistics
Real Name Rachel Roth
Alignment Good
Current age 19
Gender Female
Family Trigon (father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Gray (black when abilities are in use)
Hair Color Black
Alias The Raven
Unusual Features Feather-like talismans are permanently stuck to her arm
Affiliation Protectors of the Realm (Leader)
Weapons Magic
Species Demon (Demonica hypora)
Home Place of Birth: Aazarath

Current Home: Avalonia

Debut DC Comics Presents #26 (Current Continuity)
Class Mage
Voice Actor Jennifer Hale

 Rachel Roth, otherwise known as The Raven, is the protagonist of Avalon Temple. She is a sorcerress from the Ancient Times, when the nine realms still existed. Though she was raised as a human, Rachel is of demonic birth and possess the powers of Azarath; her true home world. She struggles with her Shadow Presence and wants nothing more than to save Avalonia from her father, Trigon.

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