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Vital Statistics
Real Name Sylvia Zion
Alignment Right Hand
Current age 27
Gender Female
Family None
Status Active
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Red
Alias Pyranox
Unusual Features None
Affiliation Arena World Tournament
Weapons - Pyrokinesis
Species Human (Homo sapien)
Home Icarus
Debut Female Fighters #1

(August 1972)

Class Gadget
Voice Actor Coleen Clinkenbeard

"When I get out of this damn place, the Queen will be the first thing to burn. And I'll make sure to take her whole empire down with me. My fire doesn't represent warmth; it represents revenge.'"

Pyranox is a playable character in the game Arena World: Wrath of the Queen. She was revealed in September of 2013. Pyranox is one of the 12 Right Hand and is a Gadget User. She is voiced by Coleen Clinkenbeard.


Arena World: Wrath of the QueenEdit

Role in Arena WorldEdit


  • Pyrokinesis: Pyranox has the superhuman ability to generate, control, and manipulate any types of fire. This allows her to not only control fire, but also magma and lava as well. She can also control some forms of ash, but only if there are ember traces still left in them. The degree to witch her power extends is shown by the color of her fire. The hottest flames she has ever produced have been purple (which has been proven to be the hottest type of flame, as it is similar to a dragon's).


INTRO: A funnel of flame whirls onto the field. It disperses, embers raining down onto the ground like firey hail. In the center stands Pyranox, her dress flying up around her. She giggles softly, eyes glowing orange, and says, "Let's turn up the heat, shall we?"

OUTRO: Pyranox lifts her enemy by the neck and kisses them deeply. Her eyes glow an intense purple and suddenly the victim is engulfed in flame. She tosses them aside and looks at the camera. "Watch it. You might just get burned," she says, before winking and walking away.





Alternate CostumesEdit

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