Olga Gurlukovich is a main and playable character in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. She is a gadget user and is voiced by Vanessa Marshall.


The patriotic russian was born from an even more patriotic father, Sergei Gurlukovich. Joining her father's team of mercenaries at a young age, Olga and her firesquad eventutally made their way to the USS Discovery to "take back" the nuke launcher device, Metal Gear RAY under the command of Sergei and Revolver Ocelot. Olga met Solid Snake in the conflict and her father was killed (unknowingly by a betraying Ocelot). She survived the sinkage of the ship, though.

Two years later, during the Big Shell Incident, Olga, still working for Ocelot (and now with Solidus), secretly disguised herself as a cyborg ninja and assisted Raiden during his "mission" to save the president. She was the "Grey Fox" of simulation, but was eventually killed by her own leader, Solidus, when he found out she was a spy. Though, she still gave birth to Sunny Emmerich before her demise, who later became the adopted "daughter" of Otacon.


  • Pistol Pintage: Olga shoots her opponent in their legs with her USP
  • Sword Slice: Olga quickly slices her opponent with a High Frequency Blade
  • Acrobatic Combo: Olga somersaults at her opponent with her sword slinging about, slicing them up in a cyclone
  • Scout Sear: Olga unshealths her scout knife and stabs her opposer in the thigh with it
  • Flip Frisbee: Olga backflips, throwing her knife at her opposer during the jump


Alternate SkinsEdit


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