Nightwing-full 0 0
Vital statistics
Position Secondary Leader
Age 26
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'10"
Weight 165 lbs
Dick Grayson or Nightwing is the Secondary Commander to the Regents.His special movce is he uses a batarang and ties you together he calls Cyborg who then uses his Cannon and blasts the player to Atlantis where they are neaten by Aquaman then Superman and are sent back to nightwing who has set a landmine for when they return.

Earth 1Edit

Nightwing was affetcted by the transmisson when E2 Batman brought everyone to E2,Nightwing managed to stay in E1 where he was the only monitering Superhero along side with Oracle and Batgirl.Nightwing tried for days and nights to get them back to E1 when he discoverd the Nukes E2 Superman planed to send in.Nightwing called for all E1 heroes to come to E1 and take as many people from E1 to E2.Nightwing then hacked into every TV,Radio,Ipod,Ipad,Broadcast stations,phones laptops,computers and more on the planet.He then told all viewers to go inside the nearest portal E1 Cyborg had set up from E2 and it would get them to saftey.Nightwing then set the Watchtower to self-destruct where he left with Oracle and Batgirl to E2.

Nightwing arrived in the ruins of Wayne Manor he got,Batgirl and Oracle into the batcave where he went back to E1 for Alfred Pennyworth.Nightwing broke into E1 Wayne Manor where he found an unconcious Alfred the two went into a portal seconds before Wayne Manor blew up.




Nightwing has the traits of a leader,

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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