Nightwing is a playable character in the game Injustice: Broken Alliance. He is a gadget user and is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.

Events in Broken AllianceEdit



Super MoveEdit

Nightwing stabs his dual, electric esrima sticks into each of his opponent's arms, electricuting them. He then presses a remote, causing the sticks to get longer to make a staff while ripping through the opponent's torso. He pull the new staff out of their ripped body, calls in his motorcycle, gets on it and drives towards them, using the staff as a lance. The staff is launched through the opponent and the motorcycle flattens them while Nightwing does a backflip off of it.


Intro: Nightwing glides in with his wing suit. When he's just about to land, he throws his sticks up, lands with a roll, and catches the sticks without looking up, and taunts, 'Ya sure you're ready for me?'.

Outro: He calls in his motorcycle and gets on it. He drives away while saying 'Didn't even stand a chance.'


Clash QuotesEdit

  • 'Ya ready?' - Stock Wager Quote
  • 'Why am I fighting such a handsome devil?' -Clash with Nightwing
  • 'Why are you asking me that?' - Clash with Nightwing
  • Finished fighting your battles with steriods? -Clash with Bane
  • 'What are you gonna do? Flop at me?' Clash with Aquaman
  • I'm no slave! - Clash with Aquaman
  • HEY! A confident attitude is my thing! -Clash with Flash
  • 'Think your bank account's gonna save you this time?' - Clash with Iron Man
  • God of Thunder? More like god of blunder! -Clash with Thor
  • You're insane! - Clash with Joker
  • 'I'm not Robin anymore!' - Clash with Joker
  • 'After I'm done kickin' your butt, can I have Mary's phone number?' -Clash with Spiderman
  • 'Why are we fighting?' - Clash with Batgirl

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