New York City

New York City

New York City is a stage in Avengers: Heroes Disassembled. It was one of the early revealed stages. It was revealed along with the second character reveal of Iron Man and Wolverine.

Role in the StoryEdit

Stage TransitionsEdit

  • The opponent is knocked into a billboard with explodes, sending them flying towards the Daily Bugle. They crash through the window and continue to crash through the floors, including J. Jonah Jameson's office, until landing on the roof.
  • The opponent is knocked back through the ceiling, and the other character chases after them. After getting back inside the building, the other character knocks the opponent into the elevator. They continue to beat them around until the elevator reaches the bottom and they are thrown back into the original arena.


  • City Streets
  • Daily Bugle


  • New York City is the only stage to actually exist in real life
  • The Daily Bugle was originally considered to be its own stage, but it was later put into New York City instead.

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