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Mustang (World of Heroes)
Vital Statistics
Real Name Frank Allaine
Alignment Good
Current age 32
Gender Male
Family None
Status Active
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Green
Alias Tyler Shannon
Unusual Features Green Skin
Affiliation Titans
Weapons Bow and Arrows
Species Human Mutate
Home Proctor City
Debut Comics: Tales of Awesomeness #7 (as Frank Allaine), Mustang #1 (as Mustang)

In-Game: Gallery Comics: World of Heroes

Class Gadget
Voice Actor Chris Cox

Mustang is a playable character in Gallery Comics: World of Heroes. He is a gadget user and is voiced by Chris Cox.


Role in the StoryEdit


Move ListEdit

Character TraitEdit


Super MoveEdit

Mustang shoots three arrows into his opponent's chest, one shocks them, the other paralyzes them, and the third one does nothing yet. Mustang rips the 2 inactive arrows out of their chest and punches them in the face twice. As he forcibly grabs their neck he slams them into the ground. He chuckles as he digs the third arrow deeper into their chest. He back-flips off of them as the third arrow cases their body in an unknown material. Seconds later, an explosion goes off inside the material.


  • Intro: An arrow gets shot into the ground and it explodes into green mist. Mustang's voice can be heard saying "You know what that means!" and he comes flipping into the arena, bow ready and a smirk on his face.
  • Outro: Mustang exclaims "Seriously, that was way too easy." Before shooting an arrow into the opponent's chest. He then strikes a heroic, yet cocky, pose.

Character EndingEdit



  • Chris Cox has previously voiced Mustang in Mustang, Mustang: World of Fear, Heroes in Wonderland, Titans: the Animated Series, Gallery Comics: Fall of the Titans, Gallery Comics Online, Titans: Arachnus Rises, Splinter: the Awakening, Splinter: the New Animated Series, Synapse, and The Magnificent Mustang.

Alternate CostumesEdit

Wager QuotesEdit

During the wager clash, Mustang runs at his opponent with an arrow knocked on his bow and on impact he jumps up and fires the arrow.

  • "How 'bout an arrow up your ass?"
  • "You're a waste of arrows!"
  • "I really love kicking your ass!"
  • "*YAWN* I'm gettin' bored!"
  • "I feel like you're not even trying!"

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