By obtaining, capturing, or domesticating animals from the wild or from stores, players will be able to train their pets to become full fledged mounts in the video game Lineage. Some mounts have the ability to fly, while land mounts sprint at a faster rate than players. You can adorn these pets in armour, as well as enchant them occasionally for added buff effects. They attack on their own, and you can fire arrows, cast magic, or swing your melee weapons from atop them. 

Aria the Tamer, the most famous breeder and animal trainer in all of Xaverius, will teach you first how to capture,
Aria the Tamer

Aria the Tamer

train, and mount animals. It is a long process, but after completeing the sevent tier, she will commence the mission, "Fire runs in our Blood", which will end with you capturing a dragon.

Land MountsEdit

Steeds and StallionsEdit


Other BeastsEdit

Arial MountsEdit

Winged BeastsEdit


Dragons are a completely different story when it comes to mounts. They can not be easily domesticated or trained, and to be able to tame one requires the use of two different spells, a special potion, and a Dragon Link. The two spells to capture a dragon are Drago and Xerius Volt. These two spells will allow you to bind your soul to a dragon, forming a Dragon Link. The only way to make the bond last, as well as not kill yourself in the presence of the dragon's god like power, is to drink a special Drakon Serum.


So far, as of the game's release, there has been revelead to be only one God mount.

Additonal Concept Art Edit

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