The Middle East is a stage in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot.


A deserty PMC controlled town in Eastern Asia. Is split into the downtown section, Ground Zero, and Millenium Park.


Like all stages, the Middle East has three different levels

  • Downtown: A battle damaged street splitting the town in half
  • Ground Zero: A wafare coated neighborhood with several GEKKOs patrolling around it's streets
  • Millenium Park: An abandoned park decorated as a makeshift headquaters for the PMC, Praying Mantis.

Interactable ObjectsEdit

  • Downtown's pollution, such as the trash cans, can be thrown at the opponent, as well as the nearby cars.
  • Ground Zero's GEKKOs can be jumped on, making them shoot the opponent with their gatling gun.
  • Millenium Park's trucks can be activated, flattening the opponent if they are in the way.



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