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Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot
Title (In Other Countries)
Developer Napalm Productions
Publisher Konami, Kojima Productions
Style Fighting, Third person shooter
Platform Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U
Theme Action
Online Interaction Yes
Amt. of Players Supported 2 (regular) 13 (Trooper Mode)
Average Review Score 8.2
Engine FOX Engine
Release Date August 24th, 2014
Additional Information
ESRB Content Rating M
Content Blood, Violence, Mild language, tobacco use
Retail Price $59.99
Announced On June 12th, 2013

Metal Gear: The Ultimate Alliance is an upcoming Injustice-like Metal Gear game. It was designed by Napalm Platform with the joint efforts from Kojima Productions and Konami. It will be released August 24th 2014.


Acting much like Injustice and other fighting games, it is depicted in a side scoll like view with famous Metal Gear locations, different levels of the maps, and interactable objects that can be used as weapons. All characters also have "Executions" where the winner can cinematically kill/defeat the loser, with the move depending on the character and stage/interactable objects.

It also has a minigame mode called FOXHOUND Missions where the player must play minigames in order to earn Drebin points. With these Drebin points, you can go buy alternate outfits, hidden characters, concept art, pieces of music, and misc from Drebin's Stryker. Music can be played during fights (but, online, can only be heard by the user) and misc, such as Big Boss' cigar and be used in fights, but have no effect.

Finally, there's Trooper Mode. A mode where you play as generic soldiers from the past Metal Gear games doing minigames. These games consist of Target Practice, where you must hit each and every target before the timer runs at and the levels get harder every level, Warfield, a multiplayer game where one team a 10 troops and the other team is Solid Snake and is where they must find and kill Snake in under 10 minutes, and finally BTR Escort, where they must escort packages to point A to point B while avoided all gun fire and under a 10 minute timer.

Playable CharactersEdit

Legendary Hidden Characters (LHCs)Edit


  • Genome Soldier 1
  • Genome Soldier 2
  • Gurlukovich Soldier
  • KGB Soldier
  • GRU Soldier
  • Ocelot trooper
  • PMC Praying Mantis
  • PMC Pieuvre Armement
  • PMC Raven Sword
  • Haven Troopers



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FOXHOUND MissionsEdit

Main Article: FOXHOUND Missions

All BuyablesEdit

After collecting enough Drebin Points for winning matches, completing mini-games, and participating in The Trooper mode, the player can buy these following things from Drebin's Stryker:

Alternate CostumesEdit


Concept ArtEdit

Music ClipsEdit

Misc ItemsEdit

  • Big Boss' cigar: A brown, lite cigar in the user's mouth
  • Solid Snake's cigarette: A white, lite cigarette in the user's mouth
  • The Boss' bandana: A dark green bandana wrapped around the users forehead. Doesn't display on young Big Boss' head and replaces Solid Snake's bandana as well.

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