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Meryl Silverburgh
Vital Statistics
Real Name Meryl Silverburgh
Alignment Neutral
Current age 27
Gender Female
Family Colonel Campbell (biological father)

Johnny Sasaki (spouse)

Status Retired
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Alias Meryl
Unusual Features -
Affiliation FOXHOUND (formerly), RAT Patrol (formerly), The Patriots (unknowingly)
Weapons Desert Eagle
Species Human
Home -
Debut "Metal Gear Solid"
Class Gadget User
Voice Actor Debi Mae West

Meryl Silverburgh is a main and playable character in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. She is a gadget user and is voiced by Debi Mae West.


Silverburgh was born in 1987 as an american where she was the neice of Roy Campbell. However, it is later revealed that Campbell is biologically her father. Admiring and being inspired by her "uncle" and the legendary Solid Snake, Meryl was later forced to join FOXHOUND for an emergency replacement, however she refused, ultimately leading her to being arrested and placed in a cell near the DARPA chief. She broke out after being alerted at the chief's death near another anonoymus man and knocked out her guard, taking his uniform.

The man turned out to be Solid Snake where they shot up some infantry FOXHOUND soldiers, but Meryl got away without Snake. They eventually met up again, running through the hallways, having Psycho Mantis control Meryl's mind, and ending with Meryl being horribly wounded and taken away by Sniper Wolf. Ultimately, Snake got a now patched up Meryl back and escaped the base.

Later in 2014, Meryl became the leader of the US unit squad, Rat Patrol (which is unknowingly being controlled by the Patriots) who assisted a now aging Solid Snake against Liquid's Insurrection. After Liquid's assassination, Meryl married Johnny Sasaki, one of her teammates and the guard who had his clothes stolen during the Shadow Moses Incident.


  • Dangerous Deagle: Meryl shoots a round into her opponent's stomach with her trusty Desert Eagle
  • Handgun Handling: Meryl whips out her two costume deagles and fires a pair of rounds into her rivial
  • Rolling Rage: Meryl grabs her opponent by the arm, rolls backwards with her throwing her opponent up midroll, and chucks a combat knife at her opponent midair
  • FAMAS Firing: Meryl yanks out a FAMAS and sprays a round into her opponent
  • Meryl chucks a barrage of knives at her opponent


I'm No Rookie: Meryl throws a flashbang to blind her opponent, cartwheel kicks her them, and shoots them in the stomach with her Desert Eagle midkick, making them double over. She places the barrel of a XM8 at her opponent's throat and fires, sending them flying before she kicks them even further midkick.

Alternate SkinsEdit

  • Default: Meryl is wearing her Rat Patrol uniform from Guns of the Patriots.
  • Memories: Meryl has her Twin Snakes skin, as she wears an olive tanktop and green cargo pants.
  • Alaskan Weather: Meryl has several blood soaked bandages wrapped around her and is wearing an orange vest over her tanktop.
  • SHOOT!: Meryl has her old Genome soldier disguise.


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