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Marvel Universe Unlimited: Heroes Assemble
Marvel Universe Unlimited
Title (In Other Countries)
Marvel Universe Assemble (Europe)
Marvel: Avengers Assemble (South America)
Marvel Universe Unlimited (Australia)
Developer Cinema Studios
Publisher Two Doors to Nowhere
Style Fighting, Exploration, Puzzles, Teamwork
Platform Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, PSVITA
Theme Action, Suspense
Online Interaction Yes
Amt. of Players Supported 4
Average Review Score 8.5
Engine The Repulsor
Release Date March 12th, 2014
Additional Information
ESRB Content Rating E
Content Blood, Violent Action, Death
Retail Price $59.99
Announced On October 25th, 2013

Marvel Universe Unlimited: Heroes Assemble is a video game based on the Marvel Comics characters, developed by Cinema Studios. It contains a story, free roam, and playable side missions. It has 120 playable characters, not counting alternate costumes. It has 10 DLC characters, and 5 DLC costumes.

Playable Characters (and voices)Edit

Chitauri Griffin Monsters Trolls Dragons Giaints

Symibote armies,troops and divisions

  • Kingpin (Jim Cummings)-Loki’s partner and second in command

Robot army Militia Secret police

Brotherhood of evil mutants

Gamma robots


  1. Some Assembly Required
  2. Greater Power
  3. The Race for the Tablet of Order and Chaos
  4. Helicarrier Down
  5. Enter the Bugs
  6. Things Change


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