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"Heroes Will Fall..."

-Official Tagline of Marvel: Vengeance of the Gods

Marvel: Vengeance of the Gods is an upcoming game, developed by BloodDrop Studios and published by Marvel Entertainment, set to release in the September 6, 2013 forr multiple consoles, such as the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, and the Wii. The game structures itself around a roster of 100+ characters of the Marvel Universe. Each character has a unique playstyle that fits well with the open world that inhabits the game. The player can create and mold their charcter using specific skill trees that each character obtains. The game's rating is still pending.(All names and characters associated with Marvel: Vengeance of the Gods are copyrighted and property of Marvel Comics and Entertainment.)


The heroes have run out of time. The gods want them punished for their crimes. What are these crimes you may ask? The divines claim that the heroes of our world have been "playing god". "No mortal should possess super strength. No mortal should possess flight," they say. Death is what shall come to the heroes, and even villains, of the Marvel Universe. So what shall they do? The only thing they know how to do. Fight.

Playable CharactersEdit

The cast of Marvel: Vengeance of the Gods holsters over a 100 (currentley) unnanounced characters. Over the course of the months leading up to the game's release, the developers at BloodDrop Studios will be releasing characters to the public. All characters announced will be playable and carry their own skill trees. The following is a list of playable characters that have already been confirmed to be in the game:

Character Name Class
Iron Man (VotG)
Iron Man Tech/Knight
Captain America (VotG)
Captain America Knight/Healer
Thor (VotG)
Thor Warrior/Magic
Spider-Man (VotG)
Spider-Man Acrobat/Stealth
Deadpool (VotG)
Deadpool Knight/Gunman
Quicksilver (VotG)
Quicksilver Speedster
Scarlet Witch (VotG)
Scarlet Witch Magic
Venom (VotG)
Venom Brute/Acrobat
Wolverine (VotG)
Wolverine Brute/Warrior
Black Cat (VotG)
Black Cat Acrobat/Stealth
Rhino (VotG)
Rhino Brute
Hawkeye (VotG)
Hawkeye Stealth/Gunman
Gambit (VotG)
Gambit Acrobat/Knight
Psylocke (VotG)
Psylocke Magic/Stealth
Phoenix (VotG)
Phoenix Magic/Knight
Taskmaster (VotG)
Taskmaster Knight/Gunman
Mystique (VotG)
Mystique Magic/Stealth
Emma Frost (VotG)
Emma Frost Magic
Elektra (VoG)
Elektra Acrobat/Stealth
Crossbones (VotG)
Crossbones Brute/Gunman
Storm (VotG)
Storm Magic
Ghost Rider (VotG)
Ghost Rider Magic/Summoner
Mister Fantastic (VotG)
Mister Fantastic Acrobat/Tech
Invisible Woman (VotG)
Invisible Woman Magic/Stealth
Human Torch (VotG)
Human Torch Magic/Knight
The Thing (VotG)
The Thing Brute
Omega Red (VotG)
Omega Red Brute/Warrior
Ms Marvel (VotG)
Ms. Marvel Magic/Knight
Black Panther (VotG)
Black Panther Acrobat/Stealth
War Machine (VotG)
War Machine Knight/Warrior
Iceman (VotG)
Iceman Magic/Knight
Nightcrawler Magic/Stealth
Bishop (VotG)
Bishop Magic/Gunman
Magik (VotG)
Magik Magic
Domino (VotG)
Domino Stealth/Gunman
Cyclops (VotG)
Cyclops Magic/Knight
Juggernaut (VotG)
Juggernaut Brute
Sabretooth (VotG)
Sabretooth Brute/Warrior
Sandman (VotG)
Sandman Magic/Brute
X-23 (VotG)
X-23 Stealth/Warrior
Black Widow (VotG)
Black Widow Stealth/Gunman
Cloak (VotG)
Cloak Stealth/Magic
Dagger (VotG)
Dagger Stealth/Magic
Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom Warrior/Magic/Tech
Polaris (VotG)
Polaris Magic
Rogue (VotG)
Rogue Magic
She-Hulk (VotG)
She-Hulk Brute/Warrior
Songbird (VotG)
Songbird Magic
Wasp (VotG)
Wasp Magic/Stealth
Spider Woman (VotG)
Spider-Woman Stealth/Acrobat
Angel (VotG)
Angel Knight/Healer
Cable (VotG)
Cable Warrior/Gunman
Falcon (VotG)
Falcon Knight/Tech
Iron Fist (VotG)
Iron Fist Warrior/Magic
Medusa (VotG)
Medusa Magic
Nova (VotG)
Nova Magic/Tech
Silver Surfer (VotG)
Silver Surfer Magic/Knight
Vision (VotG)
Vision Stealth/Tech
Red Hulk (VotG)
Red Hulk Brute
Colossus (VotG)
Colossus Brute/Magic
Green Goblin (VotG)
Green Goblin Tech/Knight
Namor (VotG)
Namor the Sub-Mariner Warrior/Magic
White Tiger (VotG)
White Tiger Stealth/Acrobat
Groot (VotG)
Groot Warrior/Magic
Gamora (VotG)
Gamora Warrior
Silver Sable (VotG)
Silver Sable Stealth/Gunman
Luke Cage (VotG)
Luke Cage Brute/Warrior
Shanna the She Devil (VotG)
Shana the She-Devil Warrior
Squirrel Girl (VotG)
Squirrel Girl Magic/Acrobat
Abomination (VotG)
Abomination Brute
Beast (VotG)
Beast Brute/Warrior
Cannonball (VotG)
Cannonball Magic/Knight
Carnage (VotG)
Carnage Stealth/Acrobat
Doctor Strange (VotG)
Dr. Strange Magic
Havok (VotG)
Havok Magic
Loki (VotG)
Loki Magic
Mockingbird (VotG)
Mockingbird Stealth/Acrobat
Shadowcat (VotG)
Shadowcat Stealth/Magic
Omega Sentinel (VotG)
Omega Sentinel Tech/Warrior
Daredevil (VotG)
Daredevil Stealth/Acrobat
Fantomex (VotG)
Fantomex Stealth/Gunman
Magneto (VotG)
Magneto Magic/Knight
Winter Soldier (VotG)
Winter Soldier Gunman/Stealth
Punisher (VotG)
The Punisher Gunman/Stealth
Blob (VotG)
Blob Brute
Super Skrull (VotG)
Super-Skrull Brute/Magic
Captain Britain (VotG)
Captain Britain Knight/Healer
Avalanche (VotG)
Avalanche Brute/Magic
The Hulk (VotG)
The Hulk Brute
Drax the Destroyer (VotG)
Drax the Destroyer Warrior/Brute
Rocket Raccoon (VotG)
Rocket Raccoon Gunman/Tech
Starlord (VotG)
Starlord Gunman
Spiral (VotG)
Spiral Tech/Magic
Enchantress (VotG)
Enchantress Magic
Electro (VotG)
Electro Magic
Red Skull (VotG)
Red Skull Gunman/Stealth
Thanos (VotG)
Thanos Brute/Magic
Ronan the Accuser (VotG)
Ronan the Accuser Brute/Magic
Ultron (VotG)
Ultron Brute/Tech

Downloadable Content CharactersEdit

Character Name Class
Batman (VotG)
Blade Stealth/Knight
Hyperion (VotG)
Hyperion Brute/Magic
Mysterio (VotG)
Mysterio Magic

Open World LocationsEdit

  • New York City: NYC is the Main Hub of the game. Here you can access multiple missions, side quests, and visit the following areas:
    • Avengers Mansion: At the Avengers Mansion, you can check up on your personal inventory. You can check the leaderboards for minigames, customize your character's apperance, and even customize vehicles and game tags.
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier: The Helicarrier is a large transportation vehicle built by the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Divison (S.H.I.E.L.D.). This large vessel acts as a second hub. Players can chat and meet up at the Helicarrier. "It acts as a sort of online lobby", says developer Alan Sharpe. The Helicarrier is also a place where you recieve S.H.I.E.L.D. Missions, customize and build Iron Man armors, and buy and sell inventory (such as weapons and loot).
  •  Asgard: Asgard is a large open sandbox area in the game. It contains the Bifrost, which is a major fasttravel station that allows you to travel anywhere in the game's universe.


Marvel: Vengeance of the Gods is a third-person action RPG. It involves a unique leveling up system centered around the use of skill points and skill trees. The player must invest and upgrade their character to progress and become stronger in the game. The game combines the quick, upgradable combat systems of games such as God of War and Devil May Cry, with a skill tree based character roster featuring over 100 characters from the Marvel Universe. Each character is customizable to the player's prefrence, while still retaining their iconic looks. VotG is an openworld sandbox, with multiple layers and levels that allow for unique methods of navigation and gameplay.


Every enemy you defeat his lootable, but the loot you retrieve depends on what character you're playing as. For instance, Iron Man might recieve tech resoureces to build Iron Man Armors, while Thor may recieve Asgardian armor pieces or relics to enhance his fightning. Any loot obtained in the environment can be taken back to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier to be sold. There is also an online trading system that allows players to trade and bargain for different items. Loot is essential to the game, as it can buy your character specific upgrades and rewards that can't be purchased via a skill tree.

Environmental InterractionEdit

VotG tries to be as realistic as possible. Any character can interract with the environment, but each character interracts in different ways. A character with super strength might destroy or throw a car, while a a character with no powers might not be able to do anything but drive in it. Most objects in the environment are interractable, with the exception of open world boundaries and buildings.

Online InterractionEdit

VotG supports 4 Player Local Co-Op, while it supports unlimited online interraction. Players can choose to play single player and turn off their online access, allowing them to play and roam alone. The world will be equally inhabited with CPUs. The other option, however, will allow them to play online with multiple parties and multiple people. This will allow players to build their own clands and teams, which will be help them battle easily. Teams can also take on non-character specific side missions.

Pre-Order BonusesEdit

No Pre-Order Bonuses have yet been announced for this game.

Downloadable Content BonusesEdit

No Downloadable Content Bonuses have yet been announced for this game.

Special EditionsEdit

No Special Editions have yet been announced for this game.


  • Alan Sharpe stated that there are over 100 characters in the game that are playable, but mentioned nothing of DLC.
  • Alan Sharpe said that the NYC shown in  the demo is only about 24% of how big the actual NYC in the game is.
  • Alan Sharpe also stated that fast travel will be included in the game, but you must have vistited the area already to fast travel to it. Fast travel stations can be found all around the city. He also stated that the Bifrost is a large fast travel station.
  • This game will include a 4 player co-op drop in drop out style game play, including online play where you can play with friends over the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.
  • Alan Sharpe released a statment when someone asked him how all the invincible characters (like Deadpool, for isntance) could be killed in the game. He released a statment saying, "These guys are fighting the army of the gods. The gods have technolgy that can basically incinerate them, even if they are made from adamantium. But our heroes always put up a good fight. It's up to the players to make sure they win."


Marvel: Vengeance of the Gods sports a large cast of talented and famous voice actors:

  • Dee Bradly Baker- Mister Fantastic
  • Steve Blum- Wolverine
  • Kimberly Brooks- Ms. Marvel
  • Grey DeLisle- Black Cat
  • Idris Elba- Black Panther
  • J. G. Hertzler- Taskmaster, Crossbones
  • Nolan North- Deadpool
  • Adrian Pasdar- Iron Man
  • Roger Craig Smith- Captain America, Gambit
  • Tara Strong- (Character not yet revealed)
  • James Arnold Taylor- Quicksilver
  • Travis Willingham- Thor

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