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Man-Bat the first insurgent
The Bat
Vital Statistics
Real Name Kirk Langstrom

Kal El

Alignment Bad
Current age Unknown
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Alias Man-Bat
Unusual Features None
Affiliation None
Weapons None
Species Human
Home Gotham City
Debut Detective Comics #400
Class Creature
Voice Actor Steve Blum

"You've created something even worse than before..." -Batman

Man-Bat is a playable character in the game Injustice: The First Insurgent. He is classifed as a Power user.


Kirk Langstrom: Once a scientist, Kirk Langstrom wanted to improve human abilities by giving them Bat powers such as sonar sense. He came up with a formula and decided to test it on himself, but it instead turned into a lab accident causing him to become a human sized Bat known as Man-Bat. He has since then been an enemy to Batman and anyone else who stands in his way.

Superman/Kal El: Superman, one of the many infected by the Man-Bat toxin, became a rogue threat to many innocent civilians in a notorious plot formed by the Joker and other close allies.


  • Sonar Sense
  • Flying
  • Superhuman Strength


INTRO (Kirk Langstrom): Doctor Kirk Langstrom walks in to the arena as he drops to the floor weakly, transforming into Man-Bat. He stands up, letting out a shriek as he gets into battle stance.

INTRO (Superman/Kal El): Superman is kneeling down, underneath in the sewers as he transforms into Man-Bat. He screams as he flies out of the sewer cap, blowing ice wind on surrounding cars and civilians as he lands and prepares for battle.

OUTRO: Man-Bat flies out of the arena, gliding in a night sky in front of the moon.


Character TraitEdit

He can switch from on the ground, which increases his hand to hand attacks, to flying which increases his defense. As Superman, he has increased strength.

Super MoveEdit

Man-Bat grabs on to the opponent by their shoulders and flies up in the air. As he reaches above the clouds, he drops them as an incoming plane slams into the opponent. Afterwards, the opponent tumbles underneath the plane, until Man-Bat comes out from behind, making the opponent drop straight back down to the ground.





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