This article lists all stages featured in Napalm Platforms' Injustice: Galactic Emission.

The Death StarEdit

The DS-1 Orbital Battle Station is a moon sized and shaped Imperial barrack and super weapon, having a planet destroying laser situated in it. On 0 BBY, it was destroyed by Luke Skywalker and his X-Wing squadron, where it was later rebuilt four years later only to be destroyed again by Lando Calrissian when it was in mid-construction.


The same hallway that Obi-Wan and Darth Vader fought in, thus also making it the very death spot of the elder Jedi. It has a black reflective floor and its only interactable object is a suicide mouse droid that can be driven into the user's victim's leg, ending in an explosion.


With the Millenium Falcon set in the background (and with take off and start firing at Han Solo's enemy if they're fighting there during his Tag Form) it is a large hanger with a squad of stormtroopers set in the background. The level's only interactable object is a crane (as its controls are to the right) that will drop hung TIE fighters onto the user's opponent.

Trash CompactorEdit

A large dirty water flooded room with dianoga residing in it and chunks of trash floating around, the trash compactor is where Leia, Chewbacca, Han, and Luke fell in in an attempt to escape a squad of stormtroopers. Its only interactable object is when the user upsets the dianoga, making it angry and attack the user's opponent.

The ExecutorEdit


Mos Eisley SpaceportEdit

Cloud CityEdit




Meeting RoomEdit

Landing PadEdit

The death spot of General Grievous where he and Obi-Wan had a final fight. It is a large, circular plaform with Grievous' ship parked and a family of mountains in the background, as well as a war filled Pau City. The level's interactable object is a triggered blast from Grievous' ship.


After the 212st Battalion arrived to wipe out the CIS, the iconic Battle of Utapau erupted, mostly on the war littered floor of the planet. It is a large dirt plain with a few patches of grass and a clone filled Republic dropship with several battle damaged buildings in the background


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