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Liquid Snake
Master Miller (when disguised)
Liquid Ocelot
Vital Statistics
Real Name Unknown (his name is unknown to even himself and not even the highest ranking of government officials can see it)
Alignment Neutral
Current age 33 (at death)
Gender Male
Family Big Boss ("father")

EVA (mother) Solid Snake (brother)

Status Deceased
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Alias Liquid
Unusual Features -
Affiliation SAS, FOXHOUND, Sons of Big Boss
Weapons -
Species Human (clone)
Home -
Debut "Metal Gear Solid"
Class Power User
Voice Actor Cam Clarke

Liquid Snake is a main and playable character in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. He is a power user and is voiced by Cam Clarke.


Born from an experiment of cloning Big Boss twice, Liquid Snake was put into the SAS and served so for years. After knowing his origin and learning how he was the one of the two clones who got the negative genes where Solid Snake, his brother, got the positive, Liquid was enraged for "being garbage since the day of his birth". He then recloned the group FOXHOUND and threatend the White House to give into their demands with Metal Gear.

Later in his life when he was killed, Revolver Ocelot used his arm for a replacement for his servered one. The nanomachines seemingly possessed Ocelot, making the hybrid known as Liquid Ocelot. However, it is later revealed that Ocelot simply drugged himself to adapt the persona of Liquid, meaning Liquid is and always has been dead.


  • Roundhouse Rumble: Liquid spin kicks his opponent, sending them flying back.
  • Head-ram Slam: Liquid charges at his opponent, headbutting their stomach
  • Shin Slam: Liquid jumps in the air, flips over, and slams his leg into his opponent's head.
  • Jacket Wack: Liquid sweeps his opponent off balance with his jacket
  • FAMAS Fury: Liquid pulls out his FAMAS and sprays his opponent with it

Nano MoveEdit

Dominant Genes: Liquid calls out his jeep via radio. While he wait, he cartwheel kicks his opponent, unloads a clip of FAMAS bullets into their chest, and jumps into the air as the jeep runs over his already downed opponent. He lands back on his opponent, kicks them back up on their feet, and Head-ram Slams them.

Alternate SkinsEdit

  • Default: Liquid has he appears at the end of Twin Snakes, shirtless with black gloves, boots, and brown pants
  • Battle Trench: Liquid has his iconic brown trenchcoat over him
  • Mastered at Miller: Liquid's hair is pulled back, he wears sunglasses, an olive vest, and olive pants, making Liquid look like how he did disguised as Master Miller

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