Lineage is composed of a single player campaign, set in the vibrant world of Xaverius. Featuring the three main characters - Kat Gray, Sif, and Troy Barton (Hawkeye) - the main campaign revolves around an intricately woven story, written and composed by a team of highly decorated authors. The main campaign runs about twenty to twenty three hours long, and the total make up of the single player aspect runs around 57 hours, including side quests and exploration. After the completion of 20% of the main campaign (after the completion of the fifth main quest), players will be able to unlock Freeplay. Once they have completed 100% of the main story, then they will be able to up their difficulty settings to that of either Centurion or Phoenix.

Main QuestsEdit

Chapter 1: Out of the DarknessEdit

Chapter 2: The Third MemberEdit

Chapter 3: The GrockrileEdit

Chapter 4: Slaying the BallistaerEdit

Chapter 5: Into the WoodsEdit

Chapter 6: Animal RightsEdit

Chapter 7: The Rebellion BeginsEdit

Chapter 8: Civil WarsEdit

Chapter 9: EastwardEdit

Chapter 10: The King of AtlantisEdit

Chapter 11: A Witch in the WestEdit

Chapter 12: There and Back AgainEdit

Chapter 13: The Evil of ModokEdit

Chapter 14: In BetweenEdit

Chapter 15: The Fire in the NorthEdit

Chaptr 16: Uniting the RebelsEdit

Chapter 17: The Last StandEdit

Chapter 18: The Battle of DiamontEdit

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