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Laughing Octopus
The Devil's Child
Vital Statistics
Real Name Unknown
Alignment Neutral
Current age Unknown (probably mid to late 20s)
Gender Female
Family -
Status Seemingly retired (deceased if the player decides to lethally defeat her)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Alias -
Unusual Features -
Affiliation The Beauty and the Beast corps
Weapons FN P90, Microbombs
Species Human
Home -
Debut "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots"
Class Power User
Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore

Laughing Octopus is a playble character in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. She is a power user and is voiced by Fred Tatasclore.


Born in a Scandinavian village, a young woman and her clan was attacked by crazed cult who had an extreme hate for the village. For some reason, they were especially cruel to the young woman, forcing her to torture and kill her family while pretending to like it by laughing. The tramua got to her and she became completely insane, laughing almost every second of her life.

She was recruited in the Beauty and The Beast unit along with other women with mental problems. She was given an octocamo suit that could mimic any surface or any one's face as well as a set of metallic tentacles. In her time in the B&B, she was assigned to terminate Solid Snake in 2014, but was defeated.

Move ListEdit

  • Roaring Roll: Laughing Octopus curls up in a ball and rolls into her opponent
  • SMG Spray: Octopus pulls out a P90 and unloads a clip at her opponent
  • Electric Limb: Octopus strikes her opponent with one of her tentacles, electrocuting them
  • Inky Thinker: Octopus released an ink like gas from her tentacles, stunning her opponent for a few seconds
  • Sentimatic Mimic: Octopus mimics her opponent's second move


The Devil's Child: Octopus grabs her opponent by the leg with one of her tentacles and hangs them upside down. She laughs as she uses her other tentacle to smack them like a punching bag. She throws them up, pulls out her P90, and shoots them out of the air. Finally, she catches them with her tentacles, wraps them up, and electricutes them before throwing them back onto the ground.


  • Shadow Moses: Heliport: Octopus grabs her opponent by the neck with her tendril and throws them into a crate. She plants several microbombs into the same crate, closes it, and throws it towards the helicopter. The bomb, along with the opponent, crate, and helicopter. She insanely giggles at the snowy descruction.
  • Shadow Moses: Hanger: Octopus mimics her opponent's Hanger execution.
  • Shadow Moses: Metal Gear: Octopus grabs the opponent with a tendril, throws them up, and slams the down through Metal Gear, coming out of a leg, severing it. Finally, she pulls out her P90, shoots a microbomb at her opponent, and shoots it midair.

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