L Is a Playalbe Character in Anime Warriors Among Us                



He is From the Death Note Anime


Vital statistics
Position In Charge of the Kira Case
Age 24
Status Oringal: Alive


Physical attributes
Height 5'8
Weight 110 lbs


L was Found by Watari as a child and was taken to the orphanage know as Wammy's House. Sometime after, Watari realized that L had incredible knowledge and later assited him in his cases. L became a detective at an unknow age and eventually gained a reputation as the greatest detectve in the world, whose opinion is highly valued.

Insurgency Biograhpy:Edit

After Witnessing the Daeth of Kira at Goku's Hands L contiuned his other cases until Goku started taking other the world and beacme the King of Earth. L and Near questioned his actions while Mello Supported Goku's Idea. After Warning Goku about his Plans L resinged from the League of Hero's which Concern Edward. After a Massive Fallout at Fuji Academy which resulted in Mello Acidently killing Near Death, L Started the Insurgnecy in rebel Goku's Next Plan to take contorl of Unova and Konoha, L and Naruto Recruited Zoro, Luffy Bobobo,Nami, Hirano, Ichigo, Takashi and Rei into the Insurgency. But Hriano and Naim Defected after witnessting Taksahi and rei Death at the hands of Cell and Horchimaru. L's New plan is to bring other's from the another Univeres to help him.

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