At an early age Langstorm developed a special hearing and seeing disorder that worsened as he got older. He feared that he would one day lose both sight and hearing . Kirk majored in Biology and genetics. Cross Species experiments and geen manipulation fascinated him. But his theories were always proven to unethical. Until he was recruited by Thomas Elliot CEO of ACE Chemicals to head a new Super Soldier project. However he was rapidly losing his hearing a sight and without those his career would be ruined. But htings took a turn for the worst when the factory was shut down because of the accident that created Mr. Freeze. However Kirk managed to steal some supplies and set up his own labatory in the sewers. He is eventually found by Batman Kirk explains to him his condition before injecting himself with the serum. But the serum does not only cure his disabilities but also transforms him into a large bat Langstorm attcks him and manages to overpower him and espcape. Langstorm then hides within a bell tower in a abandoned cathedral. When Hush releases a high pitched sound wave to draw Langstorm out he aimlessly flies around Gotham terrorizing it's citizens. He eventually is confronted by Batman who administers the cure saving him. In Superman: A god among us he is referenced by Dr.Psycho .

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Alistaire Smythe from The Amazing Spider-Man Game

Kirk Langstorm pre transformation.

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