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Kinetica (World of Heroes)
Vital Statistics
Real Name Tracy Aldrin
Alignment Good
Current age 30
Gender Female
Family None
Status Active
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Alias None
Unusual Features None
Affiliation Titans
Weapons None
Species Human Mutate
Home Seaboard City
Debut Comics: Wonders of the World #1

In-Game: Gallery Comics: World of Heroes

Class Power
Voice Actor Grey DeLisle

Kinetica is a playable character in Gallery Comics: World of Heroes. She is a power user and is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


Role in the StoryEdit


Move ListEdit

Character TraitEdit


Super MoveEdit

Kinetica controls two large rocks to slam into her opponent and when they fall down she telekinetically yanks them over to her. When they reach her she jumps upwards and flips, kicking them in the face, knocking them to the ground and launching her higher up into the air. She then controls wires to burst up from the ground and begin restraining them. Lastly, she holds her arms up and another rock comes flying from behind her and slams into them.


  • Intro: A large, spinning burst of light crashes into the arena and as the light begins clearing, Kinetica rises up.
  • Outro: Kinetica flourishes her wrist and her opponent goes flying away before she levitates herself a few feet above the ground.

Character EndingEdit



  • Grey DeLisle has previously portrayed Kinetica in Gallery Comics: Wonder of the World and Splinter: the New Animated Series.

Alternate CostumesEdit

Wager QuotesEdit

During the wager clash, Kinetica flies towards her opponent with pieces of the ground rapidly following her, and on impact she blasts them in front of herself.

  • "This fight will be over in an instant!"
  • "I truly wish we could get along."
  • "This is simply a waste of time!"
  • "Give up or be humiliated!"
  • "I can defeat you without touching you!"

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