Killer Frost's Default costume

Killer Frost is a Playable character In Mortal Kombat Vs Injustice. She is classified as a Gadget User and is voiced by Jennifer Hale.


Dr. Louise Lincoln was devastated when her friend and colleague, the original Killer Frost, was killed. She duplicated Crystal Frost’s experiments and acquired her freezing power.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

  • Genius-level intellect
  • Able to absorb heat, turn it into freezing cold
  • Can create and manipulate ice


Intro:Killer Frost comes with snow engulfed around her. she then throws her arms in the air releasing it.

Outro: Killer Frost freezes the opponent and walks away.

X-Ray Move: Killer Frost creates two ice daggers and stabs them in the opponents chest. she then creates a ice bulge and smacks it on the opponents head breaking it.


Fatality 1: Killer Frost freezes you. she creates a ice hammer and slams your body breaking it in pieces.

Fatality 2: Killer Frost freezes your head. the opponent then shakes,extremly. she then creates a giant ice sword and cuts your body in half.

Animality:Killer Frot turns into a polar bear and scratches half of the opponents face off.

Babality: Killer frost turns into a baby. she then gets up and accidentally creates an ice puddle under her,she then slips and falls. she then starts crying.

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