Kid Flash is a playable character in the game Teen Titans GO!. He is an acrobat and is voiced by Jason Spisak.


Wally West was a huge fan of the Flash, especially when he found out his uncle was the Flash,Barry Allen. He begged Barry to let him be his sidekick, but he refused. So Wally created the same accident that gave Barry his abilities and it worked, giving Wally superhuman speed. Barry agreed to have Wally as his sidekick and let him be the first Kid Flash. 

Events in Teen Titans GO!Edit



Finishing MoveEdit

Kid Flash runs towards the opponent and picks them up. He continuously runs at the speed of light around the world until he throws them up, comes back, and punches them everytime he passes them. He passes them 5 times, while the 6th hit launches them back. He stands in a heroic pose, pulls his arms out and makes a fist while the flying opponent flies right into his fist.

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