Justice League The World's End Final Battle Concept Art

Concept Art of the final battle

Justice League: The World's End is a video game set within the DC Comics Multiverse. It is in no way related to Injustice: Gods Among Us reality-wise, but has similar aspects. This game was developed by NetherRealm studios.

Playable CharactersEdit



DLC CharactersEdit

Season PassEdit

Second Season PassEdit

Confirmation OrderEdit

  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Batman
  • Green Lantern
  • Catwoman
  • Lobo
  • Cyborg
  • Nightwing
  • Flash
  • Joker
  • Black Canary
  • Red Hood
  • Harley Quinn
  • Killer Croc
  • Blue Beetle
  • Doomsday
  • Supergirl
  • Solomon Grundy
  • Gorilla Grodd
  • Black Manta
  • Aquaman
  • Captain Cold
  • Circe
  • Martian Manhunter


Selection Screen OrdersEdit


  • Left Side, First Row: Nightwing, Blue Beetle, Batman, Shazam
  • Left Side, Second Row: Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Zatanna
  • Left Side, Third Row: Supergirl, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Firestorm
  • Left Side, Fourth Row: Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow
  • Right Side, First Row: Poison Ivy, Joker, Harley Quinn, Red Hood
  • Right Side, Second Row: Brainiac, Doomsday, Lobo, Solomon Grundy
  • Right Side, Third Row: Livewire, Circe, Catwoman, Gorilla Grodd
  • Right Side, Fourth Row: Lex Luthor, Killer Croc, Captain Cold, Black Manta


  • First Row: Wayne Enterprises, Insurgency Headquarters, Cadmus
  • Second Row: Fortress of Solitude, Batcave, Themyscira
  • Third Row: Flash Museum, Oa, Atlantis
  • Fourth Row: Watchtower, Hall of Justice, Metropolis
  • Fifth Row: Gotham City, Arkham Asylum, Stryker's Island

Pre-Order BonusesEdit

  • Wal-Mart: By pre-ordering from Wal-Mart, the player will get a Black Lantern skin for Green Lantern, as well as a side mission effect where the player can choose any character they want to face off against Nekron and Black Hand, as well as various Black Lantern versions of characters from the game (excluding Green Lantern).
  • Amazon: By pre-ordering from Amazon, the player will get an additional "Customization" option, where they can customize default and alternate costumes for any character.
  • GameStop: By pre-ordering from GameStop, the player will get Flashpoint skins for Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Superman, as well as 20 additional S.T.A.R. Labs Missions set within the Flashpoint universe.
  • Collector's Edition: By pre-ordering the Collector's Edition, the player will get New 52 and Earth 2 skins for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. They will also get a copy of the movie Justice League: the Flashpoint Paradox, as well as the first 6 issues of the World's End comic book. Lastly, the player will get a mini statue of Batman and Wonder Woman in battle against each other.
  • Battle Edition: By pre-ordering the Battle Edition, the player will get the New 52 and Earth 2 skins for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, as well as a World's End Fight Stick (featuring Batman, Superman, Black Canary, Doomsday, Harley Quinn, and Captain Cold). Lastly, the player will get a mini statue of Superman and Cyborg in battle against each other.

DLC BonusesEdit

Season PassEdit

Second Season PassEdit

Story SynopsisEdit

After the Joker is hired by Lex Luthor to blow up Metropolis, he quickly puts together an Injustice League to keep the Justice League busy. When Superman discovers what the Joker is doing, he attempts to stop him, but he wasn't fast enough, and Metropolis was destroyed. Years later, Superman has established his Regime, and the world is being oppressed. Batman has formed the Insurgency to oppose Superman's Regime, and they are slowly gaining the support of the people of Earth, but when everything they do proves to be a failure, the Insurgency reaches over into an alternate reality and they alternate reality versions of members of the Regime to help defeat their darker counterparts. After Superman's defeat, the alternate heroes are sent back to their own realities, and Batman begins rebuilding the world with the help of his new Justice League.

Added BonusesEdit

Mini MissionsEdit

The World's End comes with mini missions where you can select 4 playable characters to work together as a team as you move your way through various stages to eventually fight one boss randomly selected from the start.

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