(Black screen)

(Words appear on screen and are read in Darkseid's voice)

"There comes a time in every planet's lifeline where it must be altered. A time where it must face threats it has never faced before. But like any other planet, those threats must be dealt with. But one planet seems to be the most different than any other that has ever been encountered. Earth."

(Black screen)

(Sound of bullets)

(Batman's eyes widen and he covers himself with his cape, and several bullets bounce off of it. The crooks are called off by their boss and the Joker steps out.)

Joker: Long time no see, Bats. Have you been avoiding me? You never call.

Batman: (to himself) I don't have time for this.

(Batman throws four batarangs, taking out all of Joker's thugs. He begins to walk closer to the Joker but he pulls out a gun and points it at Batman's chest.)

Joker: Nuh-uh-uh. You take one more step and these dockworkers will be cleaning bat-brain off their nice clean floor for weeks.

Batman: What do you want?

Joker: Oh, same old, same old. Your death. Complete control of this cargo ship so that I can ram it into the new Wayne Enterprises Oil Plant being unveiled in the morning.

Batman: You're insane, doing that will kill hundreds of people. Innocent people.

Joker: That's sort of the point. Have you not learned by now? All I care about is-

(Batman ducks down quickly and knocks the gun out of Joker's hand, punching him in the face. Joker staggers backward.)

Joker: So that's how it's gonna be, huh? Fine. Let's dance.

(The player plays as Batman and they must defeat the Joker. After he is beaten, Joker crawls over to the water but Batman put his foot on his back.)

Batman: You're not going anywhere, clown.

Joker: On the contrary.

(Joker grabs Batman's ankle, using his joybuzzer to electrocute him. As he falls back, Joker plugs his nose and jumps into the water. Batman runs over and looks down.)

Batman: Damn him.

(Batman walks over to the tied up dock workers and leans down to untie them.)

Batman: Are you alright?

(None of them answer, and Batman notices their faces are blank. He reaches it to touch one of them, but they all glow and melt into one insect-like being that knocks Batman aside and jumps onto a rooftop.)

Batman: What in the hell was that? Joker can wait.

(The player must chase the insect-like alien across the rooftops until catching it.)

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