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Johnny Sasaki
Vital Statistics
Real Name Johnny Sasaki
Alignment Neutral
Current age Unknown
Gender Male
Family Colonel Campbell (father-in-law)

Meryl Silverburgh (spouse)

Status Retired
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark blonde
Alias -
Unusual Features -
Affiliation Rat Patrol 01

The Patriots Gurlukovich Mercenaries

Weapons M82A1, XM8
Species Human
Home -
Debut "Metal Gear Solid"
Class Gadget User
Voice Actor Beng Spies

Johnny Sasaki is a main and playable character in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. He is a gadget user and is voiced by Beng Spies.


Being a simple guard on FOXHOUND's overtaken Shadow Moses base and Dead Cell's overtaken Big Shell, Johnny originally served as comic relief, being a running gag that he always had explosive diarrhea. Though later, Sasaki became a main character, acting as a main soldier in Meryl's Rat Patrol squad.

He later married his leader, Meryl, after combatically assisting his later spouse, Solid Snake, and Otacon during Liquid's Insurrection in 2014.


  • Slinged Sniper Strike: Johnny pulls out an M82A1 and fires a large round directly at his enemy
  • Firearm Firefight: ohnny fires three rounds of XM8 ammo into his enemies chest
  • Dangerous Dagger: Johnny throws a knife at his opposer
  • Stinking Stun: Johnny get diarrhea, causing the smell to stun his opponent with disgust
  • Potty Parry: Johnny yet again get diarrhea, making a comical shield of stink around him to parry any projectiles


Manure Maneuver: Johnny, a third time, gets diarrhea, blinding his opponent with it's smell. He then pulls out his M82A1, sets a time on it, throws it in the air, and rolls towards his disgusted opponent. While he grabs his rivial in a headlock, the sniper goes off midair and fires three huge shots directly into his opponent's locked skull, making them fly back as Johnny gouges his knife into their shoulder.

Alternate SkinsEdit

  • Default: Johnny dons his Rat Patrol uniform from Guns of the Patriots.
  • Shadow Soldier: Johnny has his old guard clothes from the Shadow Moses Incident.
  • Ski Masked: Johnny has his default costume, but dons his iconic balaclava and goggles.


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