James Gordon, Jr
Vital statistics
Position Psychopathic murderer
Age 31
Status Later deceased
Physical attributes
Height 5 "10"
Weight 170 lbs

James Gordon Jr. is a character in The Suicide Squad, classified as a Gunslinger and is voiced by Jensen Ackles.


James was born from his father, Gotham Police Commissioner Gordon, and was mentally ill, cutting apart animals for fun and secretly murdering Barbara's friends at a young age. He came back to Gotham, announcing that he is no longer insane thanks to medications. However, it is later revealed that the meds were reversed by himself, ripping his mind apart even more, still having is sociopathic killer ways. He later joined The Suicide Squad.

Role in The Suicide SquadEdit

James' role in the game is very minor, simply seen in the background of The Suicide Squad's meeting. He assisted Harley Quinn via communication device and later, with the rest of the squad, travelled to the rivialling Reapers' headquarters in order to get revenge for framing them for a crime. James was killed by Envied Blizzard.


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