Jakob Valor
Jakob Valor
The First Admin
Vital Statistics
Real Name Jakob Valor
Alignment Admin
Current age 22
Gender Male
Family Illyana Lance (Wife)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Alias Admin
Unusual Features Unobtainable Armor
Affiliation Admin Council
Weapons Bow
Species Elf (Homo apexian)
Home Valiant, Xaverius
Debut Lineage (2013)
Class Admin, Rogue
Voice Actor Verrick Wayne

 Jakob Valor is the highest ranking and highest ranking male admin in the video game Lineage. He is monitored and controlled by real life head-director of the game, Verryick Wayne (who voices him as well). Jakob Valor is a level 357 (an unreachable level by normal players) Light Elf Rogue. He can usually be seen patrolling Valiant or Diamont. He has been known to break up massive GvG disputes.


Jakob Valor is a kind man and husband to Illyana Lance . He may be impulsive and quick to fight rather than think, but he is a more than a reliable ally in battle and will always assist an ally in need. As an archer, Jakob is a skilled marksman and always has a trick up his sleeve. He will defend the earth from the evil queen and anything else that wants to stand in his way.


Jakob Valor is 6'8" (the second tallest Light Elf in game) and weighs 148 lbs. He is lean and muscular, and has six Rune Tattoos; three on his chest (Arrowhead, Ship, Dagger), and two on each arm (Sun, Coin, Boot, Admin Stamp). He is normally seen wearing his signature Valor Armor (which is unobtainable by average players), which is red and black, with accents of gold. He has icy blue eyes and long flowing blonde hair, with elongated ears to represent his race. He weilds the powerful Aviate Bow that does 9,999,999 damage to any and all enemies. 


  • Jakob Valor was the first Admin created.
  • Jakob Valor is married to Illyana Lance, a fellow Admin.
  • Jakob Valor is known to use the Aviate Bow, but has also been seen using the Gondrian Bow as well.
  • Jakob Valor is the only Light Elf with teleportation powers
  • Jakob Valor has been known to go drinking in bars
  • He has also been known to give away gifts (i.e. money, weapons) to Guilds who do amazing jobs around him
  • Jakob Valor has only promoted one person to Admin status who was not one of the originals. 

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