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Iron Man
Iron Man (VotG)
Iron Man in Marvel: Vengeance of the Gods
Armored Avenger
Master of Machines
Man of Iron
Vital Statistics
Real Name Anthony "Tony" Stark
Alignment Good
Current age 37
Gender Male
Family Virginia "Pepper" Potts (Wife)

Howard Stark (Father) (Deceased)
Maria Stark (Mother) (Deceased)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Alias Iron Man
Unusual Features Has an R.T. node implanted in his chest, which maintains his vitals and bodily functions. It Glows a light that is slightly bluer then white
Affiliation The Avengers
Stark Enterprises
Weapons Iron Man Armor(s)
Species Human (Homo Sapien)
Home Born: Long Island, New York

Residency: New York City, New York

Debut Tales of Suspense #39

(March, 1963)

Class Knight/Tech
Voice Actor Adrian Pasdar

 Iron Man is a playable character in Marvel: Vengeance of the Gods. He was revealed during the first Fancon 2013 demo, alongside many other characters. Iron Man is a Knight/Tech character. He is voiced by Adrian Pasdar.


Tony Stark, born to parents Howard and Maria Stark, was genetically engineered in-womb with Kree technology to change his thought process. During a conflict in Afghanistan, Stark was captured by terrorists and, with a piece of shrapnel in his heart, grew close to death. Constructing a suit of iron armor that would also help with his recovery, Stark broke out of captivity and journeyed back home to the United States where he built an advanced suit of armor and become the armored hero: Iron Man.

Marvel: Vengeance of the GodsEdit

Marvel: VotG Comic BookEdit

Marvel: VotG Edit

Iron Man is one of many heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe who are being targeted by ancient gods, who want their power. Iron Man must fight alongside friend and foe to defeat the armies of the divine.


Iron Man is a Knight/Tech character. His attacks are based on repulsor blasts, rockets, and lasers. Iron Man can also fly in open worlds and hack into hidden computers that grant access to hidden warehouses and such. He can also switch suits abord the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

Skill TreesEdit

Skill trees are divided in a very simple way. Each skill is on a tier level, assigned rightly so because of their complexity. Some skill might have multiple levels to invest in. For example some skills may be alllowed up to 5 points to make that skill stronger.


The Reactor skill tree focuses on upgrading all of Iron Man's Armors, and giving them the unique abilities that makes them special. It also focuses on his suits' shield and health.

Skill Tier Levels Effect

Heart of Steel

Heart of Steel

1 5 +4% Maximum Health and regenerate 0.1% of your Maximum Health per second per level.


1 5 +5% Shield Capacity and -8% Shield Recharge Delay per level.
Mother Load

Mother Load

2 5 Increases the amount of rockets the Mark VII armor fires +3 per level. 
Bombs Away

Bombs Away

2 5 +6% Damage when using repulsor blasts with two of the same energy types, +6% Accuracy when firing with two different types of  energy per level.



3 5 Heartbreaker Skill. +6% shield capacity per level; regenerate 0.5% health per second per level when shields are full.


3 5 Kill Skill. Killing an enemy regenerates 1% of your shield per second per level for a short time.

Time's Up

Time's Up

3 5 +8% Recoil Reduction, +5% Splash Damage, and +4% Burn/Disintegration Damage (Midas/Gemini Armor) damage per level.

Tank Twins

Twin Tanks

4 1 Tank/Hulkbuster. Killing an enemy gives +4% Damage Reduction for a short time.
Burn Baby Burn

Burn Baby Burn

4 5 When Elemental Status Effect Damage is being done to enemies you gain stacks of Elemental Elation up to a maximum of 20. Each stack gives +1.0% Fire Rate and Magazine Size per level. Stacks will not decay while you are on fire.
Knock Out

Knock Out

5 5 You have a 4% chance per level to ignore damage that would otherwise kill you. In addition to not taking damage from the attack, you will also regain half your Maximum health.

Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart

6 1 Every time the Unibeam is used, 10% health is recharged.


The Hardcore skill tree focuses on upgrading Iron Man's hand-to-hand combat, close quarters combat, and environmental intteraction combat.

Skill Tier Levels Effect


1 5 Every punch you throw follows up with +1 punch per level.


1 5 Killing an enemy with a melee attack restores up to 4% of your health per level depending on how low your health is.


2 1 Releases a mist that blocks enemy sight.
Ego Maniac

Ego Maniac

2 5 Allows you to deploy a temporary decoy. The decoy immedieatly fades upon contact, but it's hit count increases per level.
I See The Light

I See the Light

3 1 Allows you to temporarily blind enemies by melee attacking them.


3 5 Your melee attacks do +3% shock damage.
Tank Twins

Bigger Than You

3 5 Punching into the ground does +4% splash damage per level.
Bullets for Knuckles

Bullets for Knuckles

4 1 Activating this skill gives you a 10% to fire bullets instead of punches when ever you use a melee attack.


4 5 Up to +8% Melee Damage per level depending on how low your health is.
Ain't that a Bitch

Ain't That A Bitch

5 5 Taking damage gives +0.4% Health Regeneration per level for 5 seconds. This effect does not stack.
Don't Try Me

Don't Try Me

6 1 Everytime you face a horde, you press the block button and instantly taunt your enemies. This instantly heals you to Full Health and lowers your enemies' shields.


The Engineer skill tree focuses on upgrading Tony Stark's tech skills. This will allow him to hack computers faster, build suits faster, and allow him to acess rooms aboard the Helicarrier that others can not.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
I'm Richer Than You

I'm Richer Than You

1 5 S.H.I.E.L.D. Currency drops become 5% more wealthier per level.


1 5 Computer hacking becomes +5% easier per level.
Bullets for Knuckles

Lethal Currency

2 5 Allows you to trrade ammunition for S.H.I.E.L.D. Currency.
CrissCross Applesauce

CrissCross Applesauce

2 5 Resource Drops become 3% less rare per level.

Pea Sized Brain

3 1 Tony Stark gains acess to hidden rooms on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.
I See The Light

God Complex

3 1 Tony Stark gains acess to hidden rooms in Asgard.


3 5 The time it takes to build armor decreases by -5% per level.

I Found a Job Mom

4 1 Automatically recieve currency for making Iron Man armors.
Mother Load

Enemy of the State

4 1 Tony Stark can now hack past security systems.
Burn Baby Burn

Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist

5 5 Everytime you defeat a boss, you gain +5% amount of rare resources per level.
Who Pays the Bills

Who Pays the Bills?

6 1 Tony Stark can now enter War Machine armors.

Iron Man ArmorsEdit

Iron Man Armors: Iron Man has access to a wide variety of armors in the game. Each armor has different abilities, as well as similar abilities to Iron Man's default armors. All the armors are unlockable, but they must be built first. To do this, the player needs to collect resources by looting in the environment (loot carries over between characters), and building them as Tony aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Each suit has special skills that can be upgraded in the Reactor skill tree.

(See below for the galler of Iron Man Armors that appear in Marvel: Vengeance of the Gods).

Loot DropsEdit


ER: Extremley Rare

R: Rare

OO: On Occasion

SC: Somewhat Common

C: Common

Default: Always Drops

After defeating an enemy, Iron Man will typically find these loot drops:

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Currency (Default)
  • Experience Points or EXP (Default)
  • Divine Currency (Default)
  • Resources
    • Titanium Alloy (C)
    • Adamantium Alloy (R)
    • Vibranium Alloy (ER)
    • Carbon (C)
    • Carbon Nanotubes (C)
    • Plutonium (C)
    • Uranium (SC)
    • Tungsten Alloy (R)
    • Vanadium Alloy (R)
    • Iron (C)
    • Steel (C)
    • Silver (SC)
    • Gold (C)
    • Copper (C)
    • Bronze (SC)
    • Plastic (OO)
    • Vinyl (OO)
    • Diamond (ER)
    • Coal (C)
    • Brick (C)
    • Glass (C)
    • Reactor Material (SC)
    • Kevlar (OO)
  • Technology
    • Electrical Wire (C)
    • Hologram Bit (OO)
  • Blueprints (Default from Mini-Boss)
    • Blueprints are the instructions that Tony Stark needs to obtain in order to build his armors. To obtain blueprints, Tony must defeat mini-bosses around NYC.


Intelligence: 7

Strength: 6

Speed: 5 (7 w/ "Shotgun" suit)

Durability: 6

Energy Projection: 6

Fighting Skills: 4

Other Important FactsEdit

Base of Operations: Stark Tower (New York City, New York State); Avengers Mansion (New York City, New York State).

Identity: Public Identity

Citizenship: (United States of) American

Martial Status: Married (to Virginia Potts)

Education: Multiple PhDs in physics and electrical engineering

Height: 6'1" (without armor); 6'6" (with armor on)

Weight: 225 lbs (102 kg) (without armor); 250 (with armor on)

Gallery of ArmorsEdit

Armor Classification Use
Iron Man (VotG)
Mark IV Fires Repulsor Beams, Fires Lasers from wrists
Mark VI
Mark VI Faster, Fires Repulsor Beams, Fires lasers from wrists
Mark VII
Mark VII Faster, Fires Repulsor Beams, Missile Based (Contains missiles in shoulders, hands, legs, and back)
Heartbreaker Armor



Heavy Artillery, Fires Repulsor Beams, Generates a Repulsor Shield,

Mark XXI


Faster, Fires Repulsor Blasts, Can fly higher than other suits, Adds a burn affect when using the Unibeam



Power Suit, Durability at high levels, Fires a powerful unibeam, Has a charge attack
Silver Centurion


"Silver Centurion"

Enhanced energy suit, Fires Repulsor Beams, Can pull enemies towards or push away, Has two hidden swords in each arm
Red Snapper


"Red Snapper"

Disaster Suit, Can Fire Unibeam, Can elongate arms for distantce attacks, Resists elemental attacks
Hammerhead Armor



Deep Sea Exploration, Can navigate underwater areas without dying, Can fight underwater



Faster, Stronger, Fires a spacial energy beam that vaporizes enemies

Mark XL


Super Speed, Faster Combat

Mark XLI


Faster, Lighter, Easier Navigation, Quicker Strikes, Can pass through walls
Mark 42
Mark XLII Can control tech, Fires Repulsor Beams at a faster rate, Flies faster, Can assemble without needing to go back to the Helicarrier
Hulk Buster
Hulkbuster Armor Used to battle larger "Hulk-Sized" adversaries, Super Strength, Can not fly


  • Iron Man's armors are extremely expensive, meaning they cost thousands of resources to create. Therefore, he should not be considered an overpowered character, as it takes days and weeks to even get half of the resources to make his armors.

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