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Iron Man (Cross-Worlds)
Iron Man CW
Iron Man
Vital Statistics
Real Name Tony Stark
Alignment Good
Current age Unknown
Gender Male
Family Pepper Potts (Girlfriend)
Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Black
Alias Iron Man
Unusual Features None
Affiliation Avengers
Weapons Mark VI Armor
Species Human
Home Earth
Debut Tales of Suspense #48 (Dec. 1963)
Class Mechanic
Voice Actor Matthew Mercer

"It's the man that makes the suit."

Iron Man is a playable character in Injustice: Cross-Worlds. He was first revealed in the demo shown at the Injustice Fancon of July 2013. He is voiced by Matthew Mercer.


While traveling through Afghanistan after an on-site demonstration of his company's latest weapons system for the U.S. military, Stark's convoy comes under attack and he is seriously injured. Stark awakes to find himself bandaged and lying in a furnished cave, where a terrorist group is holding him captive. Yinsen, a talented surgeon who had also been captured, had saved his life by implanting an electromagnet in Stark's chest to keep the shrapnel that could not be removed from making its way to his heart and killing him. Though grateful to be alive, Stark had little to celebrate since his captors expected him to provide them with the same weapons system that he had just demonstrated for the military. After some "persuasion", Stark agrees to build their weapons, but instead begins work on his Mark I armor so that he and Yinsen can escape. After escaping and realizing that the very weapons he helped design were being used by extremist groups to terrorize innocent citizens, Stark decides to begin a one man crusade to save others from the horrors that his company had created. With that, he began work on the Mark II armor and his quest to save the innocent from those whom would do them harm.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Laser Blasts
  • High Intelligence
  • Increased Strength
  • Flight


INTRO: Tony Stark in a tuxedo walks in. He holds up a glass of wine and says, "Wine? No? Alright then, suit yourself." He holds out his arms and his Mark II armor comes onto his body. He gets into battle stance.

OUTRO: Iron Man walks away with his suit coming off. He picks up his glass of wine and drinks it, saying, "Should've taken that wine.."


Character TraitEdit

Attack of the Drones: Iron Man can send send several weak drones after the opponent.

Super MoveEdit

Eat My Laser Blast: Iron Man blasts a huge plasma ray at the opponent. As the opponent gets blasted into a wall, Iron Man flies after the opponent, breaking the wall and smashing into several other buildings using the opponent as a human shield. He chucks the opponent to the ground, and then uses his rocket boots to blast into the air, using the blue flames to hurt the scarred opponent.


To be confirmed.


To be confirmed.

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