(Superman is seen flying above metropolis. looking down with a smile on his face,hearing everything going on in the city and no trouble. he smiles and flys around the daily bugle,seeing lois doing her paperwork. he then hears a loud sound coming near and people screaming. he turns around and see's a meteor coming,superman flys fast to it. he uses his freeze breath,anything to stop it. he then holds on to it trying to push it back but instead they both fall to the ground and a giant explosion is seen,including a hollow whole on the ground. superman gets out under it and watches it closely,a big creature with spikes comes out of it and claims he will destroy all of metropolis. doomsday,then kicked superman through massive buildings,soon being hit in lois lanes office)

Superman on the ground,eyeing lois: Chinese at 8:00? (He grins and flys to doomsday punching him in the face,and in the gut. he punches him in the air,grabs his leg and slams him down to the ground. the enforcers that work for lex luthor that study and invesitagate alien life,start shooting superman. but they have little effect on them. he flies past them and in a flash there guns are gone. they then pull out kyrptonite tazers and superman uses super breath to blow the tazers towards doomsday and it knocks him out. Lex in his suit grabs him and throws him in the helicopter) Well that was a long rush! (Superman then heard a car engine,being parked and someone walking) oh not again!

Lobo:Time to lighten up the joint (Grabs a blow torch and lights his cigar,then grabs superman by the shoulder turning him and punches him all the way to metropolis park) I'm the real trouble.

(The screen cuts to black and reveals the Injustice:Origins logo)


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