This is the first battle of the Injustice League of Light Battle Arena.


A swarm of bats approach and fill the scene. Batman knocks the wave out with his batcycle. He parks it to the side, crouches, and gesters he's ready for a fight.

The other Batman from Batman Beyond is seen flying through the city. He comes down on the rooftop in which they are going to fight in. He uses his rocket boots to slow his fall. He comes down, and grabs a batarang ready to fight.

Batman (Bruce) makes the first move. He punches Batman (Terry) to the ground, and kicks his legs. Terry gets up, punches Bruce twice, grabs his head, and smacks him with his knee breaking Bruce's nose. Bruce uses his grapple hook on Terry to pull him closer. He smacks him into the wall.

The screen is lit up, informing the player to interact with the background as there is bucket of chemicals in the background. Terry flips over, kicks the bucket over, and spills the chemicals all over Bruce.

Batman gets up, rolls over, and ties Terry up in his tight rope. Terry becomes strangled tightly, losing health. He breaks out of the grip.

Bruce smacks Terry repeatedly, causing Terry to fly off into the sky, crashing into an airplane. Terry falls down to the ground.

Bruce: Get up, you're in a nightmare.

To be updated.