Here the transcript for Injustice 3: Apocalypse - Part 1: The Wasteland Warrior.

(DC Comics, Nether Realm Studios, Nighlocktheawesome)

(we see a some buzzards in a desert, then we see a souped up Batmobile driving on a road)

Batman (Apocalyptic):(voice over) The world has changed. It's a never ending wasteland now. Not a single weak person is left. Only the strongest.

(we see inside the Batmobile. Fuzzy dice hang above the rear view mirror, and we see Batman in his famous power armor. The only difference is there is a pistol on his side, some knives on him, and even a beard)

Batman (Apocalyptic):(voice over) Something happened to my memory a few years back when the Butcher attacked. All I know is me and Victor made it out alive.

(Apocalyptic Batman grabs a device)

Batman (Apocalyptic):(speaks into it) We need fuel, Victor. We're down to two barrels. We're never gonna make it Merchant City on two barrels.

Cybot:(on device) Scanning now. Sorry, Bruce, there's nothing for at least 100 miles. Guess we're gonna have to-

Batman (Apocalyptic):(slightly annoyed) Make do, like always. Make do.

(We see the scanners showing the Batmobile's location)

Cybot:(on device) Now entering the Savage Desert, aka the Ravagers' territory. Keep one hand on the wheel, and the other on your pistol.

Batman (Apocalyptic):(into the device) Every second, Victor, every second.

(we then cut to an outer shot of the Batmobile, and suddenly everything turns to red as we view it from the perspective from a scanner)

Deathstroke (Apocalyptic):(chuckles)