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InJustice:kryptonian Honour is a game designed by JokerMan999.It would be availible on xbox 360 & one,Ps3 & 4,wii and 3ds.It contains all kryptonian characters and 3 dlc characters.


Superman travels to Kryton II(created by the green lanters and Supergirl)To find Zod waging war on the planet,with Hal jordan and Superman's remaining kryptonian family fighting back.He decides to take matters into his hands aswell.

Playable charactersEdit

  • Superman
  • Green Lantern
  • Jor El
  • Lara El
  • supergirl
  • superwoman
  • steel
  • eridicator
  • Mon El
  • Chris Kent
  • Guardian
  • Maxima
  • superboy


First you fight Zod as superman and lose.Then you get supergirl and Jor El as default teammates.Then you are in free roam,until you see one of Zod's soldiers and then you have to fight.This swithces you into fight mode,like a mortal Kombat game.


  • krytonian Batman
  • zod clone
  • Krytonian soldier
  • Superman Pod suit
  • Batman


  • Kryptonite Mine
  • crystal plains
  • meteor
  • fortress of solitude
  • Jor El's Lab
  • Zod's base
  • Planet inner layer
  • plains
  • Zod's flagship

use of wii u/accsesoriesEdit

the wii U can be used to get out of a grab by tapping rapidly and the gun accsesory as laser vision/artic breath.


  • laser vision-rb xbox/ps-gun/z wii
  • artic breath-lb xbox/ps-z/gun wii
  • strength-x xbox/ps punch motion wii
  • flight-double tap a xbox/ps/wii.
  • move-move control stick xbox/ps/wii.

Special editionsEdit

  • Krytonian edition-all dlc and jor El statue and replica krytonite
  • Collecters edition-Replica Krytonite,'Kal El needs you' poster and superman symbol flag.


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