Injustice: Welcome to the Netherrealm is a spin-off game created by Netherrealm Studios. It takes place on an alternate story within the world of Injustice.


With the Insurgents and the other Earth Heroes unable to fend off Regime Superman's control on Earth, they thought of a back up plan that would stop Superman: demonic magic. With Ares deciding to help, he used his abilities and teleported a certain undead ninja.

Scorpion battles Sub-Zero on a destructive fight at Shao Khan's arena, and Scorpion won. But before he could finish Sub-Zero, he was transported to another world.

Would the Insurgency convince Scorpion to help them, or would he defeat both sides and rule Earth?


The entire game is adapted from Injustice: Gods Among Us, with additional maps like Shao Khan's arena and the Netherrealm.

Story ModeEdit

Players get to control Scorpion on the entire story. The beginning of the game starts with a tutorial (S.T.A.R.S. lab style), where they fight Sub-Zero. Then, when the tutorial is finished, Scorpion will be transported to Themyscira, where they will fight Ares in another tutorial. After that, Ares will talk to Scorpion and will ask if he wants to join the Insurgency. The player will choose three different choices after Ares talks: Join the Insurgency, Find Trigon and rule the Earth or Return to MK Universe.

  • Joining the Insurgency - Scorpion asks the fallen God why Ares brought him here. Ares revealed that he wants Scropion to join the Insurgents so they'll be able to defeat Superman. Scorpion did not agree at first, but Ares gave him a deal. If he joins them, Ares will give him the power to defeat Sub-Zero. Scorpion agreed and then followed him to the Insurgency Base.
  • Scorpion's Rule - Scorpion defeats Ares. He proceeded to a mountain to see where he is. After confirming that this isn't his "Earthrealm", he wanders on this strange world and decides to rule it.
  • Return - After the god made a foolish attempt to defeat him, Scorpion takes Ares' powers for his own and decides to test his new strength on the Insurgents and return to his dimension to use it on Sub-Zero.

Each choice has 20 different stages, where Scorpion will battle numerous heroes and villains throughout the story. Once the player finishes all the endings of each choice, they will unlock TRUE KOMBAT.

True KombatEdit

This mode is where Scorpion's true battle happened. It can only be unlocked once the player finishes story mode.

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