The Justice League finally makes a comback on a far distant galaxy, un aware of any activity back on Earth. But when they return back to their home planet, they are suprised at what they see....


Superman in Earth 5. He is standing in court, as he goes through his hearing.

Judge: Clark Kent, you have been accused of murder, temportal control, and cause of injuries to others. Do you accept these accusings?

Superman: Yes, your honor.

Superman stands in orange and white clothing. He has handcuffs on, as he sits infront of the Judge with numerous aliens from different worlds watching him.

Batman is seen on the other side. He is shown looking at the judge, then looking down at a pile of files he has in his hand.

Judge: Batman, is this correct? Did he commit what is said to be commited?

Batman: Yes, your honor. He also has his alliances to be locked up as well-

A alien police guard breaks in from the doors of the hearing, with several of the alternate DC heroes.

Yellow Lantern struggles with his handcuffs.

Yellow Lantern: LET ME GO, FREAKS!

Alien Guard: Be quiet.

Judge: Those are his alliances, correct?

Batman: Yes.

Yellow Lantern: I don't belong to anybody anymore! I belong to the corps!

Batman: Keyword: "anymore".

The Judge slams his hammer down.

Judge: Prison for the rest of the Regime's lives, Order!

Superman: I don't think so....

Superman shoots at his handcuffs with heat vision and starts destroying the court room.


Yellow Lantern shoots out a yellow hand out of his ring and grabs Batman by the neck. Batman swings a batarang at Yellow Lantern. Nightwing (Damian) uses his orange ring to hold Batman down. Cyborg (regime) comes over to Batman with his blaster charged.

Cyborg: See you later Bats.

Batman: Too....

Batman is being struggled by the orange hand.

Batman: Shay....

Batman presses a remote control and the Regime gets teleported to Earth 5.

Batman: What.....what have I done.....

Earth 5......

Superman and the other regime stand in the court room, with no one there.

Superman: We must've been altered into a different Earth, like last time.

Captain Marvel: That means you can take over this world's Metropolis.

Superman: As well as many other cities....soon the entire planet.