The Injustice: Cross-Worlds Comic is a comicbook series that can be purchased for $0.99 an Chapter digitally or $3.99 for a physical copy.


Chapter 1Edit

"Revenge Among Us"

Description: The Man of Steel breaks out of prison, seeking for revenge on those who imprisoned him. He breaks Raven and Cyborg out of jail, and together they make a portal to the universe, holding several different Earths including Earth 5. They try to gain control of Earth 5-but soon learn that they had caused a world threatening mistake..

Chapter 2Edit

"Combination of Chaos"

Description: The heroes and villains from the Earth Superman and Raven attempted to control had soon combined with their own Earth, Earth 1. While most Villains and Heroes started chaos, the Justice League soon came to stop them, then starting the war of the century..

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