(The Scene Shows a Bunch Of Thugs carrying a heavy Load. The Boss then comes in and talks to them)

Boss: (Bringing in the boys in with his hands) Bring it in. good thing the cops are on duty in star city. Were free

(The men bring in all the loads in the different trucks) Thug:Where will these go?.

Boss:we'll all meet in the docking bay. and thats were we'll ship the load. (The camera then cuts to batman watching and listening to them. he then quickly dashes the other said and flips onto his motorcycle. Lands on it and starts the engine  turning around and drives at speed with his turbo boosters)

15 Minutes Later

Batman:(Arrives at the docking bay and see's the thugs and the boss from afar suddendly someone with lots of weight judging by the footsteps. Batman then turns around and see's bane)

Bane: (Bane in a large appearance slamming his fists together) well well well...Mucho Gusta Senor (Removes his coat and becmoes a smaller bane) I shouldn't kill you that hard (Puts his strength level Up at 100 but doesn't change a muscle and grins)

Batman:Bane! Your the real boss,that other boss is just a decoy. (Runs to bane and kicks him)

Bane:(Grabs his leg and throws him the water. the thugs then laugh and drop bombs in the water as bane and the thugs load in the truck and drive away right when the water explode)

1 hour later

(Damian Wayne Arrives and drags Batman out the water and lies on him crying out as it starts to Rain)

(The screen cuts to black and shows the Injustice:Origins Logo)


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