(Wonder Woman is Standing On her throne next to donna Troy and Cassandra Sandsmark,watching two Amazons Spar. One of the amazons strikes the other one down,making her Win the match. Wonder woman walks over to her and shakes Her hand with a smile. Her cousin Artemis then walks up with a slight tone with her hands in fists)

Artemis:Pfft. anyone can do that,if you want to face a true amazon warrior. Face me! (She then pulls out her sword and gets into a battle Stance pointing the sword to the little girl) Come at me,weakling.

Amazon Girl:No thank you. (Turns and walks away slowly with a tear in her eye and walks to the palace)

Artemis:Cowards these days. (A loud booming sound is now heard,all amazons turn there way and see a massive swarm of Spears and Arrows coming towards them,Wonder woman shouts and all amazons pull out there weapons)

(A man in a black gown with Devil horns on his helemt is now appeared as a giant,as the amazons already knowing who it is they shout "Ares". Ares laughs as he becomes Gigantic and steps on a swarm of amazons)

Ares giant

(Wonder Woman then shouts and Calls to ares)

Come here and Fight like a true warrior Coward!

(Ares Goes down to size and grabs his sword,pulls the top off and Throws a massive slice to wonderwomans chest. the camera then cuts to the Injustice:Origins Sign)


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