The Helicarrier

The Helicarrier is a stage in Avengers: Heroes Disassembled. It was first revealed in one of the Battle Arena videos.

Role in the StoryEdit

Stage TransitionsEdit

  • The opponent is knocked into an elevator where Hawkeye and Black Widow are making out. They are startled and angry so they each beat around the opponent and then knock them into the next arena.
  • The opponent is knocked through a window where they fall into one of the Helicarrier's propellers. They are knocked around until they become too much for it to handle and it explodes, sending them back into the original arena.


  • Viewing Port
  • Common Room


  • Both Hawkeye and Black Widow were originally considered to be playable characters, but there were not enough character slots, and before DLC characters had been considered, they were put in a stage transition.
  • The Triskellion was originally considered for a stage, but was almost instantly denied in favor of the Helicarrier.

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