Hawkgirl injustice

Hawkgirls default costume

Hawkgirl is a playable character in Mortal Kombat vs Injustice. she is classified as a power user and is voiced by jennifer Hale


Hawkgirl  Shayera Hol is the reincarnated princess Chay-Ara. With the aid of Nth metal, an alien, magic-based substance, she fights crime as the fearsome Hawkgirl. All of the Justice League members are happy with Hawkgirl at their side aganist the fight of evil, but with good warriors comes bad social lives.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

  • Flight
  • Regenerative healing
  • Enhanced strength
  • Immortal (through reincarnation)
  • Reincarnates   


Intro:Hawkgirl comes in flying and lands pulling out her mace and says "Ready To Eat Nth Metal?"

Outro: Hawkgirl sighs and grabs her opponent before flying in the air.

X-Ray Move: Hawkgirl Slams her mace in the opponents face,she then grabs him/her and they both fly in the air and hawkgirl and the opponent come down to the ground headfirst,and slams the opponents head breaking there skull.


Fatality 1: Hawkgirl Throws the opponent in the air,she then grips her mace and whacks them splittng there body aprt.

Fatality 2: Hawkgirl Clenches back and whacks the opponents head off. he then pushes you the the ground and slams you multiple times.

Animality:Hawkgirl Turns into a giant hawk and grabs the opponent flying in the air.

Babality:Hawkgirl turns into a baby. she then grabs her mace and throws it,it then comes back to her and hits her in the head. she then cries

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