Harley's default costume

Harley Quinn is a playable character In Mortal Kombat vs Injustice. she is classified as a gadget user and is voiced by tara strong


Harleen Quinzel was a criminal psychiatrist, who was seduced by her patient: the Joker.  She abandoned her career and became Harley Quinn, the Joker's ditzy sidekick. Quinn is willing to do anything to please her "Puddin," even murder.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

  • Unpredictable fighter
  • Far more intelligent than she lets on
  • Superb agility and strength
  • Immune to most poisons
  • Talented Gymnast



Intro: Harley skips into the arena and pulls out her gun saying "For mista J"

Outro: Harley puts lipstick on the opponent and says "Pretty Baby" and cackles

X-Ray Move:Harley Grabs her mallet and slams it on the opponents chest breaking there ribs. she then grabs a toy gun and whacks it on the side of the opponents ear and head cracking it,with a loud screech. Harley then puts her heels on the opponents knees,grabs on to there head with her legs in the air and slams her head down on the opponents back cracking it.


Fatality 1:Harley quinn uses her mallet to slam your body into the concrete. she then grips her mallet and whacks the opponents head off from the body.

Fatality 2: Harley quinn shoots the opponent in the head. the opponent falls on there knee's,and harley throws a bomb pie to there face. she then turns around and sticks her pinkeys in her ears as the pie explodes and the opponent is headless.

Animality:Harley turns into a hippopatymus and grabs the opponent munching them down.

Babality: Harley Quinn turns into a baby,she then pulls out a bomb pie and looks at it. when she wants to lick the cream it explodes and the cream goe son her face. she then starts crying.

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