Quote1 Hades. Lord of the Dead. How are you? Quote2



Main Universe

Hades is the villainous and hot tempered God of the Underworld. He is also the arch enemy of Hercules in the main universe and has made many attempts to take over Olympus.

Alternate Universe

In the Regime Universe, Hades is unlike his counterpart in the main universe, never endulged in criminal activities and is not only Hercules best friend/caring uncle, but Hades is also the secret benifactor for The Disney Incurgancy. Working closely alongside Incurgancy Aladdin.

Disney's Injustice: Heroes Among Us Edit

In the main universe, Hades orchestrated a super-terrorist attack on Thebes, which would occupy the hero community while Jafar, who was broken out of Agrabah Asylum by Gaston, prepared the forbidden Destruction Spell. With Thebes destroyed, Hades would offer to rebuild it, and gain national trust. Gaston was ordered to remain in Agrabah Asylum to distract Aladdin, who eventually defeated the hunter. Meanwhile, Hades, alongside Queen La, Razoul, and Captain Gantu, distracted the Incredibles by attacking the Disney Castle. Aladdin received a distress call from Tarzan, and was able to break the spell. Hades sicced Razoul on him, but the former Captain of the Guard was quickly defeated. Enraged (when is he not?), Hades charged Aladdin, who countered him with explosive throwing knives. Hades was defeated, his armor disabled by magic inhibitors. As Queen La, Razoul,

Special Move:

Game. Set. Match:

Hades grabs him/her and transports him to The Underworld then flames him up in the air. Then Cerberus comes bursting in and catches him/her with his mouth and  chews him up a bit then spits him out into a burst of flames from Hades and they end up back in the original stage.

Move List:

Hades Fire Ball: Hades throws fire balls at his opponents.

Death Flame: Hades raises his hands up and a pilar of flames burst from the ground from under the opponents feet.

Burn Baby Burn: shoots flames out of the palm of his hands.

Lord of the Dead: he makes corpse hands pop out of the ground and hold their feet down making him/her vulnerable to attack.

Telaport: Hades appears and reappears in a puff of black smoke.


Hades evaporates his whole arm and grabs ahold of him/her then sets them on fire before tossing them aside.

Your Mine: Hades steals energy from his opponents life bar

Character Trait God Rage: Hades has a rage meter and it will gradually increase. Once activated Hades will be overcome with a fiery rage where his blue flames become red and become a lot bigger and hotter allowing him to encrease the range of his fireballs, create flame barriers, and is nearly untouchable if his opponent gets too close the will get badly burned. God Rage will eventually wear off and will need to recharged before Hades can use it again.