Guardians of the Galaxy: Annihilation Conquest is an upcoming MOBA (Mutliplayer Online Battle Arena) created by Monday Games (Anarchy) for the PC, PS4, Wii U and Xbox OneWASD Studios will be developing a PS Vita and IOS version. Annihilation Conquest is set to release sometime in 2015. 

Un-Official Poster of the game


The ancient alien race called the Phalanx have been left without a leader for millennium, until the conscious of the villainous Ultron ended up in the depths of space. Now under his rule, the Phalanx want nothing less than universal domination. Ultron's army has already conquered many alien races, such as the dreaded Kree and Skrull. It is now up to a team of heroes and rouge villains to stop the Phalanx, otherwise Ultron may succeed... 




Kinda re-working this project, so stay tuned!


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